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Schnee Company Information Topic Bank

[ This is a post that has a list of information that Schnee Company ICly has access to and will answer questions about in-game. Your character literally just has to go to Schnee Company to ask since the starter information is literally only the basics for good reason, especially since some of the topics are more sensitive than others. The information listed here is mostly about stuff that wouldn't be "generally available" unless otherwise stated- Schnee Co. can answer anything about housing, where to get a job, the paperboy being a pain in the ass, or other general stuff like that too if you just need an excuse for your character to get really general information! If you're unsure, feel free to reply to this post to ask if the info would be available at Schnee Co. so you don't have to wait for someone to bring it up to your character in-game. If you don't see something your character wants to know have them ask here. ]

-Yes, we do know who brought you here. It was a series of five spirits who correspond with the five cities. It's unclear what each of the five spirits' roles are, but we do know some of them: Everglade's spirit appears to deal with supporting and running the barriers, which is why it is important that Everglade's "horror" theme remains in tact despite protests. Fear apparently fuels the barrier. Fayren's spirit appears to have something to do with the sacrifice and by extension the memory system. Genessia City, Attleton, and Nova City's spirits are still relatively unknown.

-Genessia Scientific Research Foundation tests have shown that the people who come here show remarkable physical similarities to the 0-10 age group regardless of the individual's actual age during forensic techniques that are used to indicate age. Result has been repeated through multiple testings.

-The Genessia Scientific Research Foundation discovered information from testing fragments of the barrier from one of the breaches and the Bay's waters, discovering that they are organic material often found present in many lifeforms- those in the barrier being similar to neurotransmitters found in the limbic system of the brain and the Bay having high amounts of muscle-activating chemicals such as acetylcholine. The Bay Water results have been repeated, but due to lack of materials the Barrier results have not been.

-The Genessia Scientific Research Foundation has also done testing on the Dream Docks by using telepathy during the Dream Docks' process. Individuals who use the Dream Docks do not physically leave Genessia at any point during their time there, but rather have memories added to their minds. It is unclear if these memories are real or constructed when put into the context of residents' age test results. Result has been repeated through multiple testings.

-From information gathering via Scribes and Scripts in Fayren: "Genessia is a city was created as a way to save sentient life, human and beyond, and foster souls that truly capture what it means to be alive. Though it is not the only city of its type, it is by far the most successful. By being here and continuing to develop, you're helping to save and repopulate the world." Source unknown.

-City Guardians are elected protectors of the cities of Genessia. Every 6 months, an election is held and the person who receives the most votes is selected as the City Guardian. City Guardians are in charge of protecting their individual cities and working together to ensure the protection of the people as a whole. Each City Guardian has their own style of protecting their territory, but it is important to note that they are only protectors and only have jurisdiction over matters of judicial import. They are not legislators and are not meant to write laws or govern the land and those who have tried have been met with opposition in the past. The current city guardians are Genessia City Guardian David Haller, Nova City Guardian Weiss Schnee, Attleton City Guardian Blaze, Fayren City Guardian Satori Komeiji, and Everglade City Guardian Fai D. Fluorite. Each Guardian has deputies as well to assist in their duties.

-Around each of the cities is a barrier which functions to protect Genessia and its cities from bad spirits which exist outside of the barrier walls. The barriers extend into the sky and surround every city. Those who have touched the barrier have stated that they experienced an extreme surge of uncontrollable emotions and consequently passed out. The barriers are not impenetrable but the only times that they have broken have resulted in massive casualties. It is not recommended that you try to break through the barrier as even gods have tried in Genessia and it's unclear how the breaches of the past have occurred outside of reports of someone working with the bad spirits. If you have any information or sightings about this individual, please bring it to your City Guardian as soon as possible as there is very little information available.

-The GSRF is now running monthly trips out to the barrier to monitor its reach. Current level: 2 feet from visible barrier. (Tested in all subarchways.)

-The bad spirits outside of the barrier are spirits without emotion. They seem to thrive on sucking the emotion out of living beings and feeding on it. If you are caught by one of these spirits, they will suck the emotion out of you and leave you feeling empty of anything but a need to feel. There are two known ways to cure this ailment and they aren't easy: 1. Force the affected into the waters of the Bay along with someone who is unaffected and it will split the difference; 2. Those who are affected can sometimes be reached by someone with a deep emotional bond of love with them. It doesn't matter what kind of love, as long as it is strong enough. We are not certain why some instances do not seem to work, but those instances that didn't seem to have involved people who have not been in Genessia for long; 3. Those who die will be returned normally. If one of these three things does not occur, the individual seems to stay as they are.

-Bad spirits can be fought off, but will regenerate within moments if they are not taken care of using some form of spiritual magic. Sealing and exorcising techniques from Everglade seem to be the most effective and captured spirits, if carefully handled, can be bound to weapons that are also effective against these spirits. City Guardians have access to such weapons using a dispersal system provided by Nova City Guardian Schnee, and the weapons themselves were carefully conscripted by Genessia City Guardian Haller. Weapons will be distributed in case of emergency only, supplies are limited.

-Each city has its own justice system.

-Genessia City gives a lot of power to its City Guardian, leaving Guardian Haller in charge of essentially the whole city's justice system. He has an active police force and a prison available that's capable of holding individuals with powerful abilities. Guardian Haller also leads an organization called Gestalt that's designed to bring people together beyond just the Guardian's office for times of crisis to protect the city. He also typically takes steps to ensure that he doesn't arrest or punish anyone without evidence, but as far as I'm aware his word is essentially law as far as arrests go.

-Attleton has a Neighborhood Watch that reports directly to their City Guardian, Guardian Blaze. Attleton is a very tight-knit community but there isn't any trained or official law enforcement beyond the City Guardian there.

-Nova City's system recently changed to divide the city up into safety zones run by City Guardian Schnee. The City Guardian will go where she is needed throughout each of the zones, but the individual zones are each monitored by a Deputy Guardian to ensure immediate reaction from law enforcement when needed. There are six zones that correspond to the six deputies. Beneath the deputies in the hierarchy, the City is additionally protected by a robotic police force that will subdue crime by any means necessary short of killing, as the death penalty is illegal in Nova City- the only exceptions being in self-defense or defense of a human being if there are no other possible options as calculated by the CPU, which feeds into the robotic police force.

-Fayren's justice system is heavily run by its City Guardian, though the Guardian's office typically is intended to answer to the royal family. The kingdom itself also has knights and guards alike that will act if crime is done before them, but most of the unsolved crime goes to bounty hunters. City Guardians hold influence over the decisions of punishment, but punishments are ultimately decided by the royal courts (lead by either the king or queen). The City Guardian's office also recently added an army of puppets to their ranks to help patrol, so be aware that if you're the type that has a phobia of dolls/puppets/marionettes/etc you may consider avoiding the area, even if Fayren has the best fish market in Genessia.

-Everglade's justice system has historically relied on a very rustic detective-esque police force, though with the added element of mysticism. Psychics and mediums are welcome sources of information given the city's significant population of deceased citizens (ghosts, zombies, demons, etc.) Divination is not admissible as evidence given that you cannot charge for a crime that hasn't been committed yet, though it may be used by the police force to establish a direction for their investigation. Most of the large cases are left to the City Guardian's discretion or bounty hunters. When City Guardian Theodore Satchel took the office, all necromancy was banned. All laws regarding necromancy and divination have since been retracted by City Guardian Fai D. Fluorite. As of January 2016, the City Guardian's office only has jurisdiction over matters of enforcing justice by law, though the mayor recently retracted the Night Rule so there is no longer a curfew for humans. Humans and creatures of the night are expected to live side-by-side with the understanding that hunting of any species is permitted if it is for the purpose of survival but not for the purposes of sport. As of July 2016, all criminals were pardoned due to a series of unjust laws incarcerating a number of individuals while others (namely humans) were not being prosecuted for crimes that were equally as unjust. The Everglade Rangers are also a group who is working to restore balance and justice within the laws of Everglade. SAFETY ALERT VALID AUGUST/SEPTEMBER: Crime has been on a rise since those who were fairly prosecuted were also released, so be aware and take steps to keep yourself safe. The situation is being handled but it will take time.

This section will mostly be information about tourism for non-specific business locations or events in the archways.

Genessia City:
-Festival of Fireflies (August 10th-15th)
-Weird Gate. (We aren't quite sure what's beyond that gate near the Bay since no one's managed to open it yet, but it's become quite the tourist spot. Speculation about what the gate is for is a great icebreaker with locals.)

-Seafood Market
-Beach with at least a couple miles of ocean. Virtually litter free.
-The Maw, though this is mostly for adventurers and those who can handle themselves against danger.
-Singing Meadows (it's a flowery meadow with a number of reed-like plants- when the winds blow through it, it sounds like it's singing).

-Chocolate Festival (Spring)
-Farmer's Market (Every Tuesday and Saturday)
-Skate Park

-Day of the Dead (Nov. 1st)
-Crystal Cave (CAUTION: Do not enter the cave when it's too foggy. People have been known to slip, fall, and die when fog levels are high and visibility is low. However, if visibility levels are acceptable, this cave is on the outer area of Everglade near the water and once you're about a quarter mile in, you can see a number of crystals covering the walls completely. It's quite the sight.)

Nova City:
-Sky Gardens: As you may have noticed, much of Nova City is high-tech and can be a little overwhelming for someone who is used to green everywhere. While there are a few residences that plant greenery intentionally, most of the main city uses manufactured air that mimics the composition of regular air without relying on plants or plankton. However, if you miss the flora and foliage, take a hovercraft up to the Sky Gardens. They're those large ships in the sky that seem to hover around the city and not go anywhere, and each of the three support different biomes: one jungle, one evergreen forest, and one aquatic. Please note that it is illegal to remove plants from the Sky Gardens.
-Hover Racetracks: If you're the type of person who loves races, you'll love the Hover Racetracks. Races are held every weekend!

-People who die in Genessia do not stay dead, but it comes at a price. Upon dying, a person will need to sacrifice a part of themselves to be revived. This is the same process to open up a subarchway. The person always gets to choose what it is they give up, but insignificant things are not enough to fulfill the purpose that these sacrifices serve.

-The aforementioned sacrifices are used to distract ill-tempered spirits from the barrier. When something happens such as a revival or the creation of a subarchway, it apparently draws their attention. With a sacrifice, that will draw their attention first and give the 5 good spirits here the time and resources they need to revive or create without bringing destruction from the bad spirits.

-It's possible to create a subarchway by asking the CPU and making a sacrifice in a similar fashion by which revivals occur. Subarchways appear to be generated from the memory of the person who opens them and are not actual links to the world that people are from. This is also why there may be some variations in cities with the same names or why a subarchway that's been open for a year may not reflect current events as you remember them if someone else opened it when they only remembered a past time. It's important to remember that the people you find inside of the subarchways are not the real people from your world, but rather just like the people without pendants. They may seem to recognize you, but ultimately they'll forget anything traumatic that happens to them and they will always find their way back to the subarchway. They also don't seem to change no matter what happens to them. It's not recommended that you live in a subarchway unless it has something you need sustenance from that's not available in Genessia, simply because it may make it more difficult to function in the world we currently live in- but to each their own and it's unlikely that anyone will stop you. Just don't forget that it's not your actual home, but a replica of it.

-If you died or opened a subarchway, you lost something. Even if you don't remember what it is, you can know that you lost something by the sheer fact that it's a price you pay, not something that may or may not happen. It's a certainty and it's been confirmed many, many times. That doesn't mean it's impossible to get it back though. Occasionally certain events, activities, and good deeds will result in city officials awarding you with a charm. They look like little charms that can latch onto your pendant, so they're easy to carry around. If you get four of them, you get a wish. Wishes can be used to regain sacrifices and are the only currently known way to do so. Obviously you can use them for something else, like if you want a ton of money or something from back home or pretty much anything, too, but the important thing to note is that they're the only way to regain a part of you that you lost. (Information verified by the CPU though no Schnee Company employees have personally gathered enough charms yet to confirm this in reality. Please contact us if you have done this so that we can confirm from a secondary source.)

-There has been a change in the way that deceased individuals are handled in the world. While they used to dissolve within two hours, it seems they no longer do that and need to be picked up by unknown individuals. Resurrection based on sacrifices appears to still be the same. Genessia Scientific Research Foundation investigation pending.

SPECIAL CASE INFORMATION - this information is only available if you ask specific questions
-Fight Club Location of the Month: Say "What's rule number one?" The question won't actually be answered, but the location of the Fight Club meeting will be given to the asker on a post-it. The answer to that question will be the password to get into the location. If your character cannot state the number one rule at the entrance, they will not be let in.

-Apps for Phone Devices: Ask if there is anything cool to do with the devices and Schnee Company will point out that there's already Candy Crush on it, but give you a voucher for a second free app from the phone stores in Genessia or Nova City. They'll also mention that if you break your phone, you can buy new ones from there. The apps available with the voucher are: Grocery Store List (an app that lets you put your store list in and then makes the items disappear when you double-tap them), nienGAG (funny videos, stories, and pictures), and Robot Vacuum Simulator (play as a vacuum cleaner and clean up messes in different scenarios... maybe you should just vacuum your apartment instead). It seems like the voucher is only for one app, so you'll have to choose...

-Lessons for Phone Devices: Ask any Schnee Company representative specifically for lessons and they will show you how to work the device.
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Re: Request Information!

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[OOC: assuming he's asking this at the building itself]

"I'd like to know who wrote this."
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[OOC:Whoops; he's been passing out the whole thing as a pdf. In that case...]

He had asked about the subarchways, i.e. the "sacrifice" section. Did they know more about the ill effects of living there? What about them made it harder to function in the real world? Angling for each and every detail they had. Sources, examples, etc.

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"I'd like to request any data collected in regards to the origins of arrivals; what they did before they arrived and if they claim to have died before arriving, I would also like to request any information on known cases of subarchways of what was sacrificed and any montoring records if any exist. Let me also clarify that I am asking for data not already shared with the GSRF~"

He isn't expecting much.
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Re: Request Information!

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100% ooc over here so I have some info to work off of ic even though some of these would def be asked ic by my characters but also because it's like 2 in the morning and I've been up since 5am and I'm not awake enough for rp but always awake enough for science

1. "Genessia Scientific Research Foundation tests have shown that the people who come here show remarkable physical similarities to the 0-10 age group regardless of the individual's actual age during forensic techniques that are used to indicate age. Result has been repeated through multiple testings."

Can you clarify what people you're talking about because it could just be me needing sleep but it sounds like you're saying that everyone who comes here looks 0-10 years old and that can't be right.

2. Can you describe the odd gate in Gen city? Is it like giant sealed doors or like an iron gate? What material is it or does it appear to be?

3. How was information on the two known spirits discovered? Are we certain IG that they are spirits and not holograms or some other weird organic non-corporeal lifeforms?

4. What type of weapons are the ones with the bad spirits mixed in them?

5. "The Genessia Scientific Research Foundation discovered information from testing fragments of the barrier from one of the breaches and the Bay's waters, discovering that they are organic material often found present in many lifeforms- those in the barrier being similar to neurotransmitters found in the limbic system of the brain and the Bay having high amounts of muscle-activating chemicals such as acetylcholine. The Bay Water results have been repeated, but due to lack of materials the Barrier results have not been."

What materials are we lacking that we cannot recreate these experiments and by what means were they conducted? A link detailing the procedure and as much data as we have for the findings would be much appreciated if they're around somewhere.

6. What type of telepathy has been used in experimentation? Like just thoughts or emotion too? (Driving towards a vulcan mind-meld if that helps at all)

7. What is this mysterious CPU that handles the archways? Was it always here or was is built by a PC? Where is it located?

8. Would Jacques wishing for the Schnee Company nullify the contract

9. Do you regret linking this to me yet?

10. "From information gathering via Scribes and Scripts in Fayren: "Genessia is a city was created as a way to save sentient life, human and beyond, and foster souls that truly capture what it means to be alive. Though it is not the only city of its type, it is by far the most successful. By being here and continuing to develop, you're helping to save and repopulate the world." Source unknown."

What the fuck are the spirits implying that their homes are all going to be destroyed or they won't live their lives to the fullest unless they're here? Have there been cases where someone "captures what it means to be alive" and if so have they been returned to their home world? If they're so concerned with repopulation, why is there no dating app? Why does this world need saving (have we discovered anything super wrong outside of the mean spirited dudes beyond the barrier)?
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Re: Request Information!

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Now just following up on a few of these:

1. So the tests performed pretty much conclude that a character's cellular age resets back to zero when they arrive here? Fascinating. This leads me (and Spock) to believe that an entirely new body is constructed for them upon their arrival, leaving the question in the air of what is their body back home doing? Also, how did these spirits get so many types of DNA? I can see I will likely be exploring this avenue.

2. Garrus is trying to find out more about this archway. He'll scan with door with his Omni-tool, which should provide him with any tech details about it's composition, inner workings, security, things like that. If it's not tech, but magic or whatever it won't do a damn thing. If it comes back as tech positive he'll take a note of the readings and if possible try to hack the door open. I realize the chances of this doing jack are slim to none but he doesn't ;)

4. Please let them be weapons Garrus can mess with

5. Information on how someone managed to fracture a barrier? Not breach, since that's unknown, unless it's the same thing in this context. What is the estimated range of effect of the barrier now and would spock touching one like put him into a coma bc touch telepathy might let him experience that shit more intensely? He's going to want to investigate so whenever I get there I need to know what's going to happen to him

7. Garrus will likewise scan it and try to find out information regarding its origin, security features, the like so that if and when something comes up he might know how to get in if the CPU denies him knowledge

9. Good because I'm sure I'll have more questions as things develop.

10. Yes things that I want now. Also totally fair answer since most of that was sleepy rambling anyway.

11. Bonus! So since I have two people that are working on things but that might tie in together, is there a way for them to share their findings without breaking the "no major interaction between your own characters" rule or have I dug my own grave by playing these nerds?
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Re: Request Information!

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Round 3!

1. Interesting. Sounds like we need some alien subjects. Spock would like to run the same tests on his own blood since he is physiologically a vulcan, not a human (even though he's technically half).

4. Any update?

5. Oh no this can only end poorly

7. Can Garrus trace the source of the CPU's knowledge/programming/I hope you understand what I'm asking because I can't figure out how to phrase it.

12. Spock inquiring about the composition of the planet of Genessia (what lies beneath the surface?) and if the barrier extends down there as well.
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1. I'll throw something at your inbox probably then unless you want to thread it in the Gen comm?

4. Garrus will be sad

7. Ha ha! Garrus will not be using his phone but his Omni-tool to try to trace the signal. The omni-tool is used to decrypt and hack computers and AIs and Garrus has had success with this in the past. Garrus is going to go ahead and give it a shot. Does he get anywhere with it?

12. Spock would like to look into this! He will use any knowledge of the planet that is on hand (geography, tides/moon if thats a thing here?, climate, etc) and try to measure the planet's density, seismic activity, magnetic field, heat, atmospheric composition, etc with tools that the GSRF has (because he totally works there I just haven't apped in bc I've been busy with rl stuff) and if there's a way to sense/locate the barrier he would do that too he'd rather not have to dig a hole and wait to pass out in it.

Let me know if there's anything I need to do to make Garrus' and Spock's tests discover things (like thread it out or whatever) or if it's just a they did the thing here's what they found because I don't remember how this works.